Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Beginning .Net : List of server configuration files in .Net

Every ASP.NET server includes a number of configuration files, such as the machine.config , web.config file. This file is installed as a default .NET Framework installation. You can find "machine.config" file and and other server-specific configuration files in "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.xxxxxx" folder. They have the default settings for ASP.NET Web applications on the server.

List of the server-wide configuration files :
  • machine.config
  • machine.config.comments
  • machine.config.default
  • web.config
  • web.config.comments
  • web.config.default
  • web_hightrust.config
  • web_hightrust.config.default
  • web_lowtrust.config
  • web_lowtrust.config.default
  • web_mediumtrust.config
  • web_mediumtrust.config.default
  • web_minimaltrust.config
  • web_minimaltrust.config.default

.Net Framework install machine.config , machine.config.default and machine.config.comments files.
The machine.config.default file is a backup of the machine.config file.
If you want to the factory setting of machine.config file, you simply copy the settings from the machine.config.default to the machine.config file.

The machine.config.comments file contains a description for each configuration section and explicit settings for the most commonly used values. machine.config.default and machine.config.comment files are not used by the .NET Framework runtime, they are installed in case you want to revert to default factory settings.

You can find a root - level web.config file within the same CONFIG folder as the machine.config.

By default, ASP.NET Web applications run under a full trust setting. You can see this setting at the <securityPolicy> and <trust> sections in the root - level web.config file.

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