Thursday, 19 September 2013

SQL Server Script : Check SQL Server Database Status using SQL query

You can check Database Status using SQL query.

Below are the possible status of database.
  • ONLINE : Database is available for access.
  • RESTORING : Primary file group and secondary files are being restored.
  • RECOVERING : Database is being recovered.
  • RECOVERY PENDING : Resource-related error occurred during recovery.
  • OFFLINE : Database is unavailable to access.
  • SUSPECT : One or many primary file group is suspect and may be damaged.
  • EMERGENCY : User has changed the database and set the status to EMERGENCY.

Here is query for this.

SELECT DATABASEPROPERTYEX('NorthWind', 'Status') Database_Status

SELECT state_desc Database_Status FROM sys.databases WHERE name = 'NorthWind'

Output :

Check SQL Server Database Status using SQL query
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